Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dark Reflections

I snuggled deeper under Kate's big comfy blanket and nestled closer to her.  After the horrifying events of the night, neither of us wanted to be alone.  When she asked if I wanted to sleep in her bed with her, I didn't hesitate to accept.  We'd shared a bed in the past during high-school sleepovers and on a few occasions when we had been roommates in the past, but we'd never shared a bed out of fear.

I replayed the night's scenes over and over and over again, wondering who Michael had become.  He'd still been pounding on the door like an animal when the police arrived.  I could hear a scuffle outside the door but didn't dare answer until an authoritative voice announced that the police were there, please open up.

Officer Reilly had kind eyes and a sad smile.  He listened to the details Kate and I had to share and indicated he would be speaking to our neighbor, as well.  His partner was busy calming down Michael in the parking lot, presumably hearing his side of things.  I filled out the police report with as many accurate details as I possibly could, but I declined seeking a restraining order, despite Officer Reilly's insistence.  He seemed understanding when I explained the circumstances and how I hoped the matter could be resolved more amicably once Michael sobered up in the drunk tank, but made sure to leave me information to contact him at any time in case of another incident.

Lying there, listening to Kate sniffling in the dark, I wondered if a temporary restraining order would be the wisest choice.  Because of me, she'd been terrified and terrorized in her own home.  Michael had shown up completely wasted, pounding on the door and demanding to see me.  When she'd told him I wasn't even home, I was with a friend, he really lost it.  He'd ranted and raved at her, indicating that she was a bad influence and my friendship with her had ruined his life.  Michael had been unreasonable and downright frightening in his drunken anger.  She had already called the cops before I even arrived, which I'm thankful for.  Who knows what could have happened if she'd waited to call?

I made a mental note to find an apartment within the week.  Tom and Melinda had been extremely generous, letting me keep the car they had given me, despite having ended my relationship with Michael.  I could not accept it as a gift, however, and had been making small payments to them over the past few weeks.  Having a car gave me more options in my apartment search and I was eternally grateful to them.  I made another mental note to call Tom in the morning to discuss everything that had transpired before I remembered that my phone had been broken and I'd be needing a replacement.  I added a new phone to my mental lists of tasks to be completed.  Thank god I didn't have to work the next evening, but I'm sure my boss would have understood if I needed a personal day.

Michael had, quite frankly, scared the shit out of me with his outburst.  This was not the Michael I had known and loved.  Thinking back on our 4 years together was bittersweet.  I had loved him madly.  He had been so gentle, generous and kind.  He'd been outgoing, agreeable and fun.  Now he seemed so angry and disturbed.  During the last few months of our relationship, he'd seemed withdrawn and irritable, but he'd never shown signs of a drinking problem.  Nor had he shown signs of anger or violence, with the exception being the day I left him for good.

I couldn't wrap my head around how such a beautiful evening with Eric could dissolve into one of the worst nights of my life.  I realized that I hadn't let him know why I'd rushed out the door or that I'd made it home safely, so I crept quietly from Kate's bed to send him a quick message on Facebook, despite my utter exhaustion.  I made sure to stress that I was fine, physically, but that I didn't have a phone right now and would likely be getting a new number, anyway.  Despite the time nearing 3AM, his reply was almost immediate.

"I'm coming to get you, you can't stay there"


  1. Imagine my surprise when I see two posts today. I'm almost glad because I don't think I could've lasted the weekend! Oh,'re making a mess of things. Eric is gonna show up and save the day!! mum

    1. I have a few more posts written up and ready to go! Expect at least one more post this week, most likely two! I'm also considering setting a post schedule so you guys know when to tune in; I'm torn between Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday. Any input?

  2. I just found your blog, really really enjoying the storyline.
    I'm dying to know what happens next!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it. Keep an eye out for more posts by the end of the week :). If you have any other fictional blogs you enjoy reading (that you don't see listed on my sidebar), please feel free to share them here.