Inactive Fictional Blogs

Hi, everyone!  You may have noticed that I switched around a few things in the hopes of cleaning up my layout a bit.  Rather than having an extensive list of links to blogs I read or have read, I moved the inactive fictional blogs and non-fiction blogs to the "pages" section.  Listed below are fictional blogs that have either been completed or no longer updated. 

Living it Right

Adventures in Dating

 Beachside Blog

Down & Out in Primrose Hill

I Always Turn The Car Around

Just Jaycee

Nothing More Than Apathy


  1. Hey! Penny here - owner of Adventures in Dating! :-) Thanks for the link! I'm back and updating the blog, but also wanted to let you know that mine is a non-fiction blog - it's totally based on my real-life experiences!! For better or worse. Thanks again for reading!! xox

    1. Penny, thanks for commenting! I will be moving the link to your blog to my non fiction list :)