Tuesday, March 11, 2014


"Wow, babe.  You feel really tense.  C'mere, you!"

Eric plopped down onto the couch, pulling me down on his lap, facing away from him.  He nudged me to lean forward and I obliged.  His hands gently pushed away the straps of my tank top, exposing my bare shoulders and upper back.  He kneaded the knot in my shoulder, massaging the tight muscles in my back.  I sighed contentendly.  He knew just how to use his hands.  I could practically feel the tension and soreness melting from my body as his hands worked my muscles.  I shivered as he planted a kiss behind my ear, then another on my neck, followed by another on my shoulder.  His hands wandered up over my shoulders, grazing my collarbones.  My tank top had slid down a bit, nearly exposing my breasts.  They had grown increasingly larger each week and my skimpy shirt barely contained them now.

I gasped as he hands wandered forward, brushing against my nipple.  I hadn't realized how sensitive they'd become recently.  We still hadn't had sex, or gone past heavy kissing for that matter.  Until now.  I felt his breath, warm against my neck as his hands slid down inside my shirt, rolling each nipple between his thumb and index finger.  I arched my back against him, and as I did so, my breasts popped free from my shirt.  He inhaled sharply as he absorbed the sight of my bare skin.

"Mmm, you're beautiful, you know that?" his voice sounded thick, husky with desire.  He trailed a line of kisses down my neck as his hands continued exploring.  Eric ran his hands up my bare thighs, teasingly sliding his fingertips under the edge of my shorts.  He laid his palm flat against the thin fabric, cupping my most sensitive area tightly.  I moaned as he pressed against me, tracing tiny circles and watching me squirm.

"I can already feel how wet you are through your shorts.  You like that?" he asked, slipping a hand down the top of my shorts.  I whimpered my approval as his fingertips met bare flesh.  With maddening slowness, he explored further down, inserting a finger inside me.  His touch was electric.  He made slow, deliberate motions, rubbing and stroking my flesh, kissing my neck, whispering in my ear.  He groaned as I grinded against his lap, feeling him grow even harder through his silky athletic shorts.

I fumbled my hands behind me, reaching for his waist band, tugging at his shorts.  He lifted me up, just slightly enough to slide his shorts down.  He was naked underneath and I could feel the scorching heat of him pressed up against my bottom.  With one smooth movement, he pulled my own shorts down past my knees and was inside of me in an instant.  The sensation of him filling me at that angle was unlike anything I'd ever felt.  He tightly gripped my hips, pulling me down as he pushed himself deeper inside of me.  I panted and moaned louder with each thrust, relishing how perfectly he filled me up.  I leaned forward slightly, rocking against him, harder and faster.  His hands were in my hair, tugging gently, then harder as he lifted his hips, thrusting with me.   Within seconds, my whole body was shaking as I had without a doubt the best orgasm of my life.  Eric growled, biting my shoulder, finding his own release.

We sat that way for awhile, him still inside me as I slumped back against him, sweat coating both of our bodies.  I'd never had an orgasm without clitoral stimulation before.  I felt like a new world had been revealed to me and I felt completely devoid of all stress or tension.  My muscles felt like liquid and I savored the sensation

"God, I needed that..." I murmured, getting up from Eric's lap.  His face was flushed and he looked up at me from below his thick, beautiful lashes.  He smiled broadly, voicing his agreement.  He reached for my hand, leading me to his bedroom, presumably for round two.

                                                                       * * * * * * *

I strode into the doctor's office the next morning feeling refreshed, despite spending half the night tangled up in the sheets with a very sexy, very naked man.  Sex with Eric was mind blowing and our conversations were equally stimulating.  He had offered to drive me to my ultrasound, but it felt weird to me.  Melinda, Michael's stepmother, would be meeting me for my appointment.  She was almost as eager as I was to learn the sex of the baby.  Within moments of signing in, Melinda appeared.  She hadn't seen me in quite awhile and her eyes bulged as she took in my appearance.

"Look how big you're getting!  Oh, honey, you look gorgeous!" she exclaimed, holding both hands against my belly, fawning over me.  I knew she would be an amazing grandmother.  I was so thankful to have her there with me.  Any sort of doctor's appointment made me nervous.  We chatted easily while I waited.  I updated Melinda on my new promotion and told her about my new apartment and move-in date, although I did not divulge my new address, which she was understanding about.

I was soon shown to a small room where I waited for the technician to begin the ultrasound.  Melinda was enthralled with the blurry image on the screen.  The image blurred even more and I realized I was crying.  I had never been the type to cry tears of joy, yet here I was.  Melinda tightened her grip on my hand, both of us listening intently to the fetal heartbeat.

"Your baby is developing right on track.  Everything looks perfectly normal and healthy.  Would you like to know the gender?"

I was too choked up to speak, I merely nodded, wiping the tears from my face.

"Lucky for us, the angle is just right.  See right here?"

I nodded, trying to make out exactly what I was seeing.

"You're having a baby girl!"


  1. VERY NICE! And she's having a girl! So sweet. mum

  2. So steamy! I'm glad everything seems to be falling into place for her.

  3. Very nice, hot post! That's so cute that she is having a baby girl:) So precious.

  4. Love this blog!! I also love how much it differs from the other blogs I read. I can relate so much to Emma and everything she is going through. I can also relate to you Meg with the health problems you have had.

    1. Thank you, I really appreciate it! It's always nice to be able to relate to someone :)

  5. This is such a great story! I love how you picked it back up again after 3 years, I really really admire you for that. I look forward to reading more. !!!!

    1. Thank you! I am happy I made the choice to pick it back up and I'm even happier that people are reading and enjoying what I write.

  6. Liking the blog! I'm glad you are posting more frequently now. Looking forward to the next one.