Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blog Frustration

Hello everyone!
I was looking through my blog lists on the side of my page, and realized that a lot of blogs haven't been updated in a long time.  I went ahead and resorted my blog roll into 3 categories: Active Fictional Blogs (still updated regularly), Non-Fiction Blogs (updated regularly) and Inactive Fictional Blogs (haven't been updated in 2+ months or have ended).  Sadly, this means I'm running low on new material to read!  If you haven't checked out my blog roll already, be sure to do so!  Also, if you have any blogs that you read that you think I'd enjoy or that you would like to see posted in my blog roll (I don't use my Dashboard, I just look at my sidebar and see when blogs were updated last and read them that way) for easy access, let me know here!

I know a lot of you also read Cosmo's Bedroom Blog and I'm sure you can all roll your eyes with me and agree that our beloved Bedroom Blog has really been going downhill, both in quality and quantity of posts.  I'm disappointed in the lack of posts and the lack of passion behind the posts lately.  I think Cosmo should either hire a new writer, stick to a regular schedule (ie, posting every Wednesday) or wrap the blog up in the near future.  It's frustrating to check back and see no posts have been made, especially since the author is paid to do the writing and there are NEVER any author's notes letting us know why posts haven't been made or when we can expect new material.

Basically, I need some fresh new blogs to read and share on my site!  At least with the lack of reading material, I'm finding more time to write my own blog.  Expect a few more posts this week and next!

Thanks for reading :)


  1. here's a non-fiction blog: http://its-t-time-eh.blogspot.com/

  2. I would recommend Hope's blogs. She is pretty consistent on updating (most of the time) but she has a few you can read. Here are the two stories she is updating the most often



  3. I just checked, and the leigh ross/ roxanne love blogs aren't accessible unless you have it already added to subscriptions- they can't find the blogs when you click on the links sadly. I liked those blogs too :(

    I kow what you mean when it comes to the Cosmo blog, it seems like they're starting to get it wrapped up. Here's to hoping others start blogging again.

  4. Thanks ladies! It looks like Leigh Ross/Roxanne Love have been removed entirely :( I will remove them both from my blog roll.

    Thanks again for the suggestions, I will check them out :)

  5. I am always looking for blogs to read as well, i have tons but most are non-fiction wedding related lol.

    I do not read cosmo blog because i can not go back to the beginning and read every post, some look archived and i can not figure it out for the life of me.

    I wonder what happened to beachside, she disappeared one day. Leigh Ross ended but Roxanne love i didn't think had, been too busy to realise it all until now.

    Thanks for having my blog on your blogroll, i just updated mine to add you since you are one of my favs (no lie)

  6. I'm not sure you should be passing judgement on how much people post when you haven't posted for 5 weeks.

    I have deleted you from my list as I believe you have gone down hill.

  7. Anonymous,
    The only blog I am judging for not updating is the one blog that has a *paid* writer. Someone who writes for fun or as a creative outlet is a lot different to me than someone who gets paid to write posts every week. All of the Blogger gals whose blogs I read write when they can and often make note when they will not be posting - they don't have to do this. They are not paid to do this and they have no obligation to do so. I do not judge ANY of those bloggers for how often they post or how infrequent they post.

    While it's always disappointing to lose a reader, it's far more disappointing to have a reader comment as "Anonymous" that they are no longer reading, instead of letting who they are be known.

    For what it's worth, I recently had an unexpected medical issue come up in my own life. It is a private matter I do not feel comfortable discussing in detail and it has taken a toll on me both physically and mentally. If you have read my blog for awhile, you would know that I also suffer from depression and have had to be hospitalized for that in the past. My desire to write and update is strong but some days it feels tough just getting out of bed, ya know?

    I also started a new job (the old one was exhausting and the cost of gas became more than what I was getting paid) that has been taking up my time and remaining energy.

  8. Hello Meg,
    I always post as anonymous because, well, a fictional name won't tell anyone anything about me anyway, so I figured " why bother?".

    I was not the anonymous person whose message u responded to. My message didn't make it here :) I was also asking about new posts, tho.

    I really find your writing awesome and your story interesting. I just want to keep on reading and never stop!:) However, I do know you have a life, so just don't bother about others who blame you for not posting, ok? They're not worth your energy. Take your time to get better, your faithful readers will still be here when you're ready.

    I wish you well!

    One faithful anonymous reader ;)

  9. Hi. I am Stephanie, author of Macyn and Dreams From Yesterday. I am working on a new blog if you want to check it out.

    There are a couple of posts right now but the first real one will be on Labor Day.

  10. I'm updating at Diary of J again, but it's no longer a fiction blog. It's just me talking to my followers about the dramatic goings on in my every day life.

    Thanks for the link, though! <3 Your blog is amazing!