Thursday, July 14, 2011

That famous glow

I smoothed my dress and couldn't help but smile at the way it accentuated my growing bump.  It was a red halter with an empire waist and I loved the way it flattered my changing body.  I felt feminine and womanly and knew that I was exuding a natural confidence that I hadn't had in the past.  My hair fell in loose, natural waves and the makeup I put on was a little more dramatic than usual, but I was dressing to impress.  Eric and I were meeting for dinner and despite my "condition", I was determined to look my best.  I was definitely beaming, but couldn't be sure it if was a pregnancy glow or a bashful one.

I was unlocking my car door when I heard someone call my name.  I looked up, startled, and realized with some relief that it was Kate.  She gave me a little wave and catcalled me across the parking lot of our apartment.  I laughed and waved back.  Kate had been working more lately so I hardly saw her during the day.  She hadn't slowed down her partying lifestyle, though, and I couldn't help but admire her boundless energy.

I tuned the radio to a local pop station and sang along on the drive to the restaurant where Eric and I were meeting.  The butterflies I felt were phenomenal and I couldn't wait to see him again. I pulled in to the restaurant parking lot and took a deep breath.  I was a few minutes early and I didn't see Eric's car, so I decided to text him and let him know I was already there.  I was surprised when he texted back right away, saying he was there, too, and waiting inside.

It took a lot of self-restraint not to skip towards the restaurant entrance.  I spotted him waiting in the doorway, and he looked so handsome it almost hurt.

"Eric!" I exclaimed, wrapping my arms around him and hugging him as closely as I possibly could. He hugged tighter and I relished in the feeling.  I didn't want to pull away but I wanted to gaze at his face.  How did this man have such an effect on me?  We stood there for a moment, smiling at each other like fools and were soon led to a table.

The restaurant was a beautiful little Italian place with black and white photos of gorgeous women adorning the walls.  Each table had flickering candles and soft lighting.  I had hardly noticed how pretty the restaurant was while I had been admiring Eric.  He was wearing a white button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up and the top button undone.  I couldn't help but picture myself unbuttoning the rest of those buttons, and mentally chastised myself.

"A penny for your thoughts?  You're either blushing or glowing, I can't tell which," Eric smirked, and I had a feeling he knew exactly where my thoughts were.  I felt myself blushing harder and struggled for an answer.

"I was just thinking about the last time we had dinner together.  Chinese food, remember?  We ate at Golden Palace..." I trailed off, letting the implication sit in the air.  We hadn't been able to keep our hands off each other that night, and ended up having a delicious encounter, pressed up against his car in the dark, deserted parking lot.

I could tell by the look that crossed his face that he was remembering that night, and remembering it well.  I bit my lip playfully and tucked my hair behind my ear.  I watched his eyes move downward and I knew he was noticing just how full my breasts had become in the past few months.  I brushed my fingers across my collar bone and twirled a section of hair, letting it fall into my cleavage.  I couldn't help but wonder if he was thinking about how they must look out of my dress.  His eyes met my own, and I smiled knowingly.

We kept exchanging glances like that as we ate our meals and talked non-stop.  Ruby had moved out, and he was living with a roommate for now.  Work was going well for him and he was enrolling in classes for the fall.  Conversation flowed so easily that it was like we had known each other for years.  I laughed more than I had in weeks and felt generally at peace with my life.  I felt so comfortable with Eric.  I thought back to a conversation I'd had with Kate in the past, where I told her I only saw Eric as a fling, not a relationship.  As we talked more and more, I realized just how wrong I had been about that.  There was more to him than good looks and great sex.  He was someone I could see myself with.  I glanced down at my belly, reminding myself that I was pregnant with another man's baby.  I felt a twinge of sadness, knowing how complicated things were between us and knowing how much I had probably hurt him.  I suddenly felt so sad and hopeful at the same time and wished desperately that my life could be easier.  I think he could tell what I was feeling, because he reached across the table and put his hand on top of mine.

"What do you say I get the check, and we head back to my place to watch a movie or just hang out and talk?  I'm not ready to be away from you, yet," Eric suggested softly.

I nodded shyly.  As I followed him back to his apartment, I couldn't help but let my imagination run wild with thoughts of how our night might end.


  1. Love the post! And now my imagination is going wild, as well, lol!

  2. Please post soon I really want to know what happens??? Also, did you ever find anymore good blogs to read? If so, please do share:) Thanks!!

  3. Hey Meg where ya be at girl? i have not seen you commenting anywhere either, hope all is well.

  4. Are you comming back?

  5. Hello Meg,
    I hope you're doing fine. I often think of you and always hope you're better off now...I'm not writing to ask about new posts, although I do love your blog :) I'm only writing to let you know there are people who care about your well-being although they don't know you personally. Take care and know that you are not alone.

  6. I really miss your blog, I know you were having personal issues that you mentioned a while back, hope maybe one day you will start writing again.