Friday, September 17, 2010

Breaking The News

A few days later, after wandering around in a daze and going through the motions of my daily life, the fog finally lifted.  I had just left my doctor's appointment which confirmed what I already knew but also confirmed what I suspected.  I was approximately 8 weeks pregnant, give or take, meaning Michael had to be the father.  I cried in relief as I sat in Kate's car in the parking lot.  At least I truly knew Michael and knew he was a good man.  I knew Michael would be an amazing father after seeing how he had interacted with his young niece over the years.  If the baby had belonged to Eric, I knew that I would have ended the pregnancy, as callous as that may sound.

Kate drove me home in silence, seeming to know that I wasn't really in the mood for conversation.  So far, Kate was the only one who knew I was pregnant.  Today would be the day I shared the news with those closest to me, now that I had seen the doctor and knew I was carrying a healthy fetus.  I texted Michael, telling him we needed to talk tonight and asking him to come pick me up.  He agreed, and I knew I had a few hours to spare, so I took the opportunity to nap.

I dressed casually, in a turqouise v-neck and my favorite pair of skinny jeans (you won't be skinny much longer, a voice piped up in the back of my head).  I examined myself in the mirror, looking for a sign of a growing baby, but saw no change.  My breasts might have looked a little fuller, but that could've been my imagination.

I jumped when I heard Michael knocking.  I made my way to the door and greeted him warmly, lingering in the hug he greeted me with.  He held me at arm's length and scanned my face.

"Something's wrong, Em.  What happened?  Are you okay?" the concern in his voice nearly broke my heart.

"Michael, I don't know how else to tell you this, but I'm pregnant with your baby," I barely choked out the words as I dissolved into tears.  Time stopped and Michael held me against him in my doorway as I cried.

Tears glistened in his blue eyes when I looked up to meet his gaze.

"Baby, that's great news!  Don't cry, it'll be okay.  We'll make this work..."


  1. life happens, no worries! appreciate the posting anyways. can't wait to see if it's the perfect excuse for her to go back to her blah old life! and if it's blah anymore with Michael!

  2. Awwww!!! I think it's gonna be very interesting seeing how their relationship is going to develop now with the new baby.

    As for your breakup, I think it's incredibly brave of you to put yourself out there again after what happened with your other ex. Never give up on love!!! The sweet is never as sweet without the sour. And yes, I stole that quote from Vanilla Sky. XD

  3. Nice. At first I thought it was real until a read your note saying it was fictional. Hahaha. Doink.

    Still, it was an emotional roller coaster. :-)

    I am Fickle Cattle.

  4. Thanks, Callah! I'm working on a new post that should be up tomorrow :)

    And thank you, Fenhu. Going through a break up is always an adjustment. The other ex nearly ruined my ability to trust someone, it just sucks that I took a chance and let my guard down, only to get hurt again. Such is life!

    Fickle Cattle, thanks for reading! Haha some of the story is loosely based on events/people in my own past, I always find that makes things a little more realistic.