Friday, March 26, 2010


The next morning, I awoke without the slightest hint of a hangover.  For that, I was grateful.  I had never been much of a morning person in the first place, and I couldn't imagine how unpleasant my first day back to work might have been coupled with a hangover.  I was tempted to go straight to my laptop to see if Eric had replied to my message, but I convinced myself it could wait until after work.

I sat down at my cubicle with a steaming cup of coffee from the break room in hand.  I had arrived early, knowing my work inbox would be full of emails I'd need to sort through.  I skimmed through the messages until one caught my eye, sent from our Workforce Management team.

"Attention Everyone:
We are now looking for employees to switch from First Shift to Second Shift.  We have three Second Shift options available:  2:30pm - 11pm, 3pm - 11:30 pm or 3:30pm - midnight.  If interested, please submit a Shift Change Request form to Workforce Management and send a copy to your direct supervisor.  You will be notified via email if your request is approved.
Thank you,
Workforce Management"

With Kate's late-night habits already interfering with my sleep schedule, and my dislike for being up early, an evening shift sounded perfect.  I submitted the necessary forms and smiled to myself.  Michael had all but insisted I work a morning shift to maximize our time together, and now I was going to do something for myself for a change.  I could only hope that my request would be approved.

The rest of the work day went by quickly, and at 4:30 I headed home.  The walk was short and my mind was focused on Eric and whether or not he had written back to me.  I had played out his responses in my mind throughout the day, knowing full well I was behaving like a teenager, but having an innocent crush for the first time in years was exciting and new to me.  I went straight to my laptop when I walked into the empty apartment, and logged into my Facebook account. I practically squealed with excitement when I saw that Eric, indeed, had replied to my message.

"Emma -  I wasn't sure if you would contact me, you seem shy :)  Text me so I can get to know you better, it's easier than playing message tag on FB.  Hope to hear from you soon.  -Eric"

A goofy smile spread across my face as I grabbed my cell phone and programmed in his number.  I wasn't sure what I should say to him, so I finally decided on something to the point.  Life was too short to be coy and play games.

"Hey!  This is Emma, I just wanted you to have my number.  We should hang out sometime if you're free :)"

The old Emma would never have been so direct.  The old Emma worried too much about what other people thought and never did anything for herself.  The old Emma would have waited for the guy to make a suggestion first.

I had a feeling I was going to love the new Emma.

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  1. I like this post. It's fun and I really like seeing Emma taking charge of her life. Good Job!