Friday, May 9, 2014

Darkness Falls

**Sorry for the posting delay.  I didn't want to post until I was satisfied with what I had written**

Murmured, frantic voices permeate the darkness.  I'm vaguely aware of a searing pain radiating across my side.  My mind is struggling to pull me to consciousness.  Fragmented thoughts cross my mind.

Eric.  My email.  A fight.  Storming out. Dizziness.  Pausing on the stairs.  The baby, oh god, the baby.

My eyes pop open in fear and utter panic.  I know I fell but did it harm the baby?  I'm on my side at the foot of the stairs. Eric and Adam are standing over me, eyes wide in concern.  A woman is behind them, talking rapidly into her phone.  She looks panicked, wild-eyed and frightened.

I struggle to sit up.

"Emma, no.  Stay still.  You fell down the stairs, I think you hit your head.  Please don't move, an ambulance is coming."

Eric has squatted down, grasping my hand and speaking slowly in a commanding, gentle tone.

I weakly nod my understanding.  My mind feels fuzzy and I'm just so tired.

"Gonna take a nap..." I slur, sounding drunk.  My tongue feels too big for my mouth.

"No, no, you have to stay awake.  Help is coming, I promise.  Don't go to sleep, Emma." Eric is pleading but sounds far away now.

I hear my own voice asking for Kate, please get Kate, but I am unsure if I am actually speaking the words before the darkness overwhelms me again.


"Can you tell me your name?" I'm awake now, in a hospital.  A doctor looms over me, her face kind and tired.

"Emma Bradley.  Am I okay?  Is the baby okay?" panic creeps into my voice.

"Emma, I'm Doctor Schaefer.  You took a nasty fall.  Can you tell me what happened?" the doctor asks.

I take a breath, wincing at the incredible pain as I do so.

"I'm not really sure.  I was leaving a friend's house, we'd had a fight.  I was upset and stressed out.  I made it to the stairs before everything started going gray, then black.  Now I'm here," my voice sounded like a child, shaky and scared.  Why didn't she answer my question?

"Do you have a history of fainting or blacking out?"

I shake my head no.

"Have you had any other dizzy spells during your pregnancy?"

Again, I start to shake my head, then stop, "I've gotten dizzy standing up too quickly or when I first get out of bed, but never anything serious."

"I see," Dr. Schaefer begins. "When was the last time you ate anything?"

"Um, I'm not sure.  I was under a lot of stress today and ate a small breakfast, I had no appetite.  I don't think I've eaten since then."

The doctor nods.

"Emma, we need to keep you overnight for observation.  You've bruised some ribs, hit your head and dislocated your collar bone.  Nothing appears to be broken, but you are going to be very sore.  You need to rest."

"But what about my baby?  Is she okay?" tears begin to fall now. Why had the doctor avoided my question?

"There has been no bleeding or leaking of fluid, which would be a major cause for concern.  We have contacted your prenatal care provider.  An ultrasound will be performed to verify the fetal heartbeat is still strong.  We will also be conducting a test to monitor the baby's movement over the course of three hours to ensure everything is fine.  Until that point, all I can ask is that you be aware of how you're feeling.  If you begin experiencing strong pain in the abdomen, notice an unusual lack of movement or feel like fluid may be leaking from you, notify someone immediately."

I simply nod, not knowing what to say.  Despite the pain in my own body, my primary concern is the health of my baby.  The doctor leaves me alone in my room.  I cradle my belly and begin to cry.

I sit there alone for what feels like hours, straining to feel any sense of movement in my womb.


  1. Ahhh no too short! I wanted more :( why is she alone in the room? Where's Eric's or kadie? Or my love, rob? Glad she's OK and this far the baby's OK! Please don't kill the baby :( that would be devastating to Emma and all the readers.

    Can't wait for the next one!

  2. I have a baby, so this blog is more relatable than the other ones I read. Hoping baby's okay. Eating sugar usually helps.

  3. Oh no Emma! I'm glad she is ok. PLEASE let the baby be ok. Eric may be a jerk, but I do think he truely cares for Emma. I'm glad he was there when she fell and was able to get her help right away.

  4. Such a short post

  5. Please let there be a bonus post! I need to know what happens NOW!! :)