Saturday, March 19, 2011


My heart is shattered. My sweet baby kitty died yesterday. It feels like the tears will never stop falling. Why Yoda Kevin? He was just a fucking baby, only 8 months old and I loved him so much. He slept with me every night, we snuggled and watched movies together daily, he followed me everywhere and we even took showers together. Our bond was special… Why him? :(  It was a terrible accident.  He was staying at my mom's house in New York because I haven't been able to convince her to send him to me yet.  My 12 year old sister was running through the house and didn't see him; she stumbled/stepped on him Thursday evening.  My mom was out of town so it was just my 17 year old sister, my 12 year old sister and my 10 year old sister trying to take care of him with no money and no car to get him to a vet.  He seemed to be doing okay until yesterday when his breathing changed and he refused food and didn't want to be held anymore.  My brother drove 30 minutes to get to my mom's to rush him to the Emergency Vet about 45 minutes away...he died before they could get there.  I cried until 4AM and I'm still so torn up.  It sounds crazy, but I had a very, very special bond with him.  He even slept inside my tank top at night and never left my side during the day.  He can never be replaced.

I'll miss you, sweet baby <3  I took this picture not long before I left New York.  My 17 year old sister is heartbroken; she promised to take good care of him for me until I could send for him and she blames herself because she didn't have a way to get him to a vet.  My 12 year old sister keeps apologizing for killing him - I tried to tell her it was just an accident and I don't blame her but she's feeling a LOT of guilt. 


  1. awww that is sooooooo sad, sorry meg :( it sounds like you had a bond that is stronger than most mothers have with their children. I wish i could say something that would help you feel better but nothing i could say would.

    Ps... you are so pretty, i have always wanted to tell you that.

  2. So sorry about your loss! I lost my "soulmate" dog to cancer over 15 years ago, I've never forgotten him... Having to accept to have him euthanized was heartbreaking but I was (and still am) grateful I had him for the 4 years he was alive.

  3. And I didn't even have a photo of us together... Stay strong, I wish you all the best...